Conference Date: October 27

Proposals Due: September 22

To submit a proposal, you will be asked to include the following information:

    • your name, email address, title, and college, department or unit that you are affiliated with
    • the above information for any co-presenters who will be joining you
    • the title of your session
    • type of session:
      • presentation: a lecture style setup with presenters in front and an audience in rows of chairs (15, 30, or 45 minute sessions)
      • workshop: a more hands-on session with round tables (45 or 90 minute sessions)
      • lab: a workshop in a computer lab for immediate experience (45 or 90 minute sessions)
      • poster: a table in the main hall that allows presenters to interact one-on-one with attendees (all day)
    • audience experience level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    • type of use (in class, online, combined)
    • are you willing to be recorded and/or provide presentation materials?
    • are you interested in leading a lunch table discussion?
    • session abstract: 60 words or less, will be posted online and in conference agenda
    • session description: 500 words or less, used in proposal review process — include links to articles/resources related to your presentation
    • learning outcomes: a statement of the knowledge/skills participants will gain (please refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy)

What are we looking for?

If you have had success with a great tool that can help to engage learners, or just want to share your experience – we are looking for your proposal! We are especially interested in research/evidence based examples of successful teaching tools and techniques. This conference will showcase the successes of our UIC community, current challenges, and opportunities in technology assisted teaching and learning.

This is an opportunity to collaborate, explore, and discuss the most effective use of technology in teaching and learning. In line with our theme, we would like to encourage you to engage your audience. In your submission, please describe any audience participation/discussion that you would include in your session. For an idea of what last year’s conference was like, please visit last year’s conference site: UIC TechTeach 2016.

All presentations must meet digital accessibility standards. Training opportunities will be provided.

Possible Topics Include:

    • Overcoming an academic challenge
    • Making courses/tools accessible
    • Partnering with faculty/staff in your own department or across campus
    • How to engage students in learning
    • How to engage faculty in using more technology
    • How to engage the community
    • The campus/classroom environment
    • Flipping the classroom
    • Blended learning
    • Best practices in teaching and learning